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Emergency Parking Solutions for Truck Drivers

The problem with truck parking in the United States has been that there’s simply not enough of it, and it can be extremely difficult to find in certain areas or at certain times of day. The few companies that do offer parking are constantly overrun with drivers looking for spots, leading to lots of unhappy drivers who don’t want to pay high fees and who aren’t able to get spots close to home when they’re out on the road (truckers tend to live near the highways they drive regularly). And so, the driver shortage continues, despite recruitment efforts and other solutions that have been attempted.

How can Dispatchers Help?

The average dispatcher handles about 200 trucks in his or her care at any given time, meaning each driver’s parking situation is something they deal with on a daily basis. That can sometimes make it tough to think ahead, but it’s important that you do. The more notice a driver has before their delivery, pick-up or call-in time comes up, that easier it will be to find them emergency parking.

How are Other Industries Handling the Issue?

When you’re parked at a facility, you’re responsible for your own space. Which means that if something is blocking your truck from being able to move, there isn’t much you can do about it. That can mean a lot of stress when you have to get up and leave—will another driver take my spot? Can I trust them to leave their keys in the truck so I can retrieve mine when I come back? Will they tow my truck because it was abandoned?

What to Look for in Good Emergency Parking Solutions

A lot of truck drivers have no choice but to park in or around residential areas and other areas not designated as parking spots when they are carrying oversized cargo, like flatbeds and dryvans. The problem is that many neighborhood ordinances don’t allow trucks to park in these non-designated areas overnight. What most drivers don’t realize is that there are some emergency parking solutions available to help keep you safe and legal.

Is There an Industry-Wide Solution on Its Way?

About 5% of all flatbed truckers run out of parking space on a daily basis, which is a huge problem considering how much time these drivers spend parked—typically around 8 hours each day. And that’s where an industry-wide solution comes in handy. Several apps have been created to solve specific issues within one branch of trucking, but none has tackled flatbed parking issues across all flatbed trucking companies. Until now…

Are Upgrades Needed at Facilities?

There are some signs of improvement, however. According to an American Transportation Research Institute survey conducted in 2016 and cited by The Trucker magazine, 66 percent of drivers reported that parking was adequate or excellent at their primary truck stops. Despite a slight increase in satisfaction from prior years, there is still much room for improvement: As recently as 2012, 77 percent of drivers surveyed rated parking conditions at truck stops as satisfactory. Whether it’s due to high demand for safe, legal roadside parking areas or dissatisfaction with current accommodations, many drivers are not pleased with available parking options at facilities. In fact, many drivers have taken matters into their own hands by purchasing portable emergency parking devices. These come in various forms such as foldable tables, chairs and ramps that can be setup on-site when a driver needs them most. These devices are typically made of steel materials that can withstand inclement weather conditions.

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